Vision & Values

The overarching aim of the Bulmer Foundation is… promote sustainable development and sustainable practices in Herefordshire and beyond.

In order to achieve this, the Foundation has four specific aims:

1. To influence public policy.

2. To work alone and with partners to carry out interventions which demonstrate and initiate sustainable development principles and practices.

3. To develop staff, Trustees, Associates and other stakeholders in order that they might maximise their full potential.

4. To raise awareness of sustainable development through advocacy and education.

The Bulmer Foundation has a set of four values that sit at the heart of everything we do, from on the ground community projects, to guiding regional and national policies:

Demonstrate and motivate
Ignite potential 
Stretch imagination 
Empower others 
Kick start projects
Specialist knowledge
Believable advice
Independent voice
Strength to lead and challenge
Be open & listen to others
Bring people together 
Find common ground
Share resources
Make things happen
Demystify complex issues
Set pace and targets
Deliver positive outcomes
We aim to be
the catalyst
sustainable action.
We aim to be the
respected voice on
We aim to be the local resource that helps
projects succeed.
We aim to change
people value
their future.