Herefordshire's Sustainable Route Map

The Foundation launched the Route Map at a lecture delivered on its behalf by Jonathon Porritt at the Courtyard Theatre in May 2014. (You can click below to view the graphic recording of Jonathon's address). 

The project seeks to develop a shared evidence base (or Open Data) and reconcile the County's existing policy framework with the requirements needed for sustainable development.  Open Data is data that anyone can accesss, use or share, which is the main ethos behind the Route Map, enabling anyone to use data as an evidence-base to help inform projects, funding applications, community planning, research and much more!


 Key stakeholders, partners and local organisations joined us for our "Building a Sustainable Route Map" event in October 2015. We showcased the Digital Route Map Prototype and heard from esteemed Prof. Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Co-Chair and Founder of the Open Data Institute.  Sir Nigel emphasised how important it is to invest in infrastructure, enabling easy data access, interpretation and utilisation. (Hear more of his speech on the video below).

How to be involved

Do you have a need to access data for the county or do you have data that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you. The Bulmer Foundation hosts monthly meetings for anyone who wants to find out more, or be involved with data collection & analysis and further Route Map development.  Please email Mary Burton: or tel: 07746 575483 if you'd like to find out more more.

We are continuing to build on our relationship with Sir Nigel and the Open Data Institute.  As ODI members we will be able to share and learn with many other organisations in the UK and beyond.  We also hope the Route Map will become an Open Data Node, which if successful will offer huge opportunities, specialist support from ODI and contribute to the local, national and international development of open data.


County-wide consultation and communication stimulates opportunities for everyone to share their vision of a sustainable Herefordshire and have open and honest discussions about what needs to happen


The Route Map will be a key policy driver for the county and will be supported by a comprehensive evidence base


We will engage with communities, public and private sector, and voluntary organisations throughout the county and be open to the challenges and opportunities that this offers


The Route Map will develop a set of accessible county wide indicators by which to monitor progress and develop appropriate action plans for change