Herefordshire Food Links

The Herefordshire Food Links network was established following a research and mapping study into local food distribution, which we carried out with Sandwell in the West Midlands.The study recommended that a local network be established to co-ordinate support for small and medium scale producers in the County. With help from the Herefordshire Rivers Leader programme, Food Links established an on-line and print directory of local food of which over 10,000 free copies have been circulated.

As well as promoting local producers, publicizing opportunities, organizing a Fruit Fair in Hereford and supporting other initiatives such as the School Meals Steering group, Food Links carried out a detailed study of all the local-food related activity in the county in order to inform the development of a Sustainable Food Strategy.

In 2013 an updated Directory was published in conjunction with Visit Herefordshire.


Establish a local food forum to share information knowledge and opportunities.


Encourage and develop the supply of local food and drink into new and existing markets and advocate sustainable practice across the food supply chain.


Enable small and medium sized producers to work together to tender for larger contracts.


Bring local, healthy and sustainable food into every household.