Herefordshire's Food Strategy

How can we ensure the future of our food supply, protect the environment and support the local economy at the same time?

As founder members of the multi-agency Herefordshire Food Partnership, the Bulmer Foundation has led the development of a Sustainable Food and Drink Strategy for Herefordshire, available to download here.

The strategy is a response to the challenges and opportunities which lie behind the production of food and drink in the County, now and into the future.

The purpose of this work is to bring about an integrated, county-wide approach to activity in the sector through co-operation between local government, health service, business and community partners.

The Strategy identifies five key themes where it is believed that, working together, the food and drink sector could have a real impact on sustainability, these are:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • The environment
  • Local distinctiveness
  • Skills and capacity
  • Policy influence

These themes form the basis of a set of Aims and Objectives and a subsequent Action Plan. Delivering the Strategy and Action Plan will now be the primary focus of the Herefordshire Food & Tourism Partnership.



The Herefordshire Food Vision conference stimulated debate and action among key food and farming organisations in the light of future challenges to our food security.


By holding workshops and consultation events among partners and community stakeholders.


Working with the local council, health service, business and community to deliver the Strategy.


Implementation of the Action Plan through the Herefordshire Food Partnership.