With funding from HEINEKEN UK, Safer Herefordshire and Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations, the Bulmer Foundation has used best practice to develop an approach to evaluation rooted in locality and simple in approach.

Evaluation of impact and the monetisation of the changes that occur as a result of projects and activities is becoming essential to support future commissioning. The toolkit, which is broken down into manageable steps, has been widely circulated both locally and nationally for other organisations to test and to contribute to.

As Alex Fitzpatrick, Third Sector Liaison Officer at Herefordshire Council explains, “As a result of this work to find a good methodology for impact measurement, Herefordshire Council are committed to working with the Bulmer Foundation to utilise and further develop their ‘Evaluate!’ model and guidance. The Council sees ‘Evaluate!’ as a potentially effective model, as well as being a local solution which could become the model used by all in the County to measure and prove their effectiveness  in providing good social, economic and environmental value through the services they deliver.”

To view the guide, please click here.

There are also a series of cards that support the guide.   



Consider the reasons why things are done, with a clear approach that requires clarity about what changes are intended, what actually happen, and whether they make a real difference. In this way to be able to challenge commissioning processes, to ‘demystify’ evaluation and to demonstrate focused activity in a professional manner.


Through use, to help others be prepared for the difficult commissioning questions.


The toolkit has been developed based upon national best practice with collaboration from national organisations. It is being peer-reviewed and tested though use locally.


Helping to ensure that services are properly targeted and effectively delivered.