Ecohere was a unique partnership project that worked with rural communities on sustainability issues.

The project ran from March 2011 to September 2013 and worked with communities across the county to support them in developing and implementing their own Sustainability Action Plans (SAP). Every community is unique, so each SAP reflected the distinctive needs, aspirations and priorities of the community that created it.  As well as helping the production of a plan, the Ecohere team provided support to enable communities to take those plans forward and access specialist advice and resources.

The aspiration of Ecohere was to enhance the capabilities of individuals and organisations in local communities, to prepare for their future. There is a wealth of skills, expertise and best practice in the county.  Ecohere served to communicate this excellent work to the wider Herefordshire community, create networks of mutual benefit and provide tailored services for individual communities, depending on their specific needs and aspirations. 

Ecohere's legacy is the development of a Sustainable Communities poster and online Directory.



This project is all about stimulating community engagement and co-operative action.


By engaging with community activists we hope to spread the sustainability message - and influence more and more people to take positive action.


The involvement of New Leaf and the Bulmer Foundation in this project will help to engage a wide range of people and organisations in collaborative action.


The outcomes of this project include increased citizen participation, more cohesive communities and tangible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.