Produced by young people for young people, the Bottletop initiative is focused upon a website that provides un-biased and relevant advice in the words of young people about the risks involved in drinking and how to be safe.

It’s a non-judgemental site that allows local college classes and youth groups to use their creativity and personal experiences to address the very real issue of alcohol misuse.

Praise for Bottletop

The project has been highlighted by the Primary Care Trust in Herefordshire's "Public Health Annual Report 2011" as follows:

"The Bottletop project provides a local example of a campaign in which messages about drinking were specifically designed to target young people.  The involvement of young people in designing the campaign material was the key to its success."

The report states that: "More can be done to reduce alcohol related harm through social marketing campaigns to raise awareness of alcohol harm and promote sensible drinking across the county, learning from and building on existing work such as Bottletop and Blind Delusion to develop future campaigns." 

It specifically recommends: "Expand the Bottletop project to promote sensible drinking using social marketing to target young people living in areas of multiple deprivation."

A magistrate who sits on Herefordshire's Youth Panel, has said:

"It is evident that Bottletop provides an invaluable tool which helps young people to think seriously about the impact of alcohol on their lives, in a way they can relate to."
Bottletop and HAND (the local Pubwatch scheme) were the winners of the Herefordshire High Sheriff's Award in 2013.  Bottletop & HAND have been involved in developing an alcohol diversionary scheme for people banned from Hereford's pubs & clubs.  This innovative scheme has proved very successful and is now being promoted nationally as practice.

A video commissioned by HAND as a Bottetop promotion was launched in Hereford on 28th October. This video features messages about being safe on a night out in Hereford and very much echoes the concerns of Herefordshire's young people as expressed in their work on the Bottletop website However, rather than featuring young people, this video stars Agatha and Cecily, two older ladies, out on the town. By putting across the message in a different and comic way, HAND hope to attract the attention of Hereford's young people to important messages about personal safety. 

Please click here to view the video.
Please click here to find out more about the HAND / Bottletop alcohol diversionary scheme.


Get young people across Herefordshire to use their creativity and experiences to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drinking and show their peers how to stay safe.


The young people involved in the creation of bottletops for the website say that the experience has positively affected their lives. Their website can be used by anyone; as a resource it can influence the decisions of young people and adults alike.


Working with the young people of Herefordshire to develop relevant and non-judgemental information.


Helping young people understand alcohol and be safe. Recognised in 2010 through the Herefordshire Youth Award and Young People Champions it’s creating a stir across Herefordshire.