Postgraduate Certificate in Evaluation for a Sustainable Future

Expertise in evaluation theory and practice is increasingly important today where social, environmental and economic impacts are of paramount importance in ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

The introduction of the Social Value Act (2012) means there is a greater emphasis on measurement and monetisation of outcomes and impacts for work commissioned by the public sector.

Third sector organisations and businesses are now required to provide robust evidence of the impacts of their work in order to secure and retain contracts.

In the business world, corporate social responsibility means that there is pressure on all companies to demonstrate their ethical and responsible practices.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Evaluation for a Sustainable future aims to provide a sound foundation in evaluation theory at the same time as allowing students to develop their professional skills through research and real-world projects. 

Graduates of the programme are expected to go on to pursue or develop successful careers in a wide range of organisations, supporting them to be more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and will be well positioned to play a key role in the move to a more sustainable future.

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