Our Approach

Sustainable development means finding ways of living well and healthily in a way that ensures that future generations can do the same.  It’s about energy, financial systems, food production and business and it’s also about justice, equity and our relationship with nature.

In order to effect change at any level, from grass roots delivery to international policy making, there is a need for informed advocates who can demonstrate high levels of skill and professionalism.  Stimulating change requires passion and action; therefore we have developed a course programme that is inspiring and experiential.  In a series of "Advocacy in Action" lectures, students learn from sustainability experts and develop the in-depth knowledge necessary to construct powerful evidence based arguments. In their team tasks and sector placements the students act as consultants applying this knowledge to real life challenges.  Finally, our students carry out their own in-depth research project in an area that they find particularly interesting. 

The programme aims to:

  • Strengthen understanding of the environmental and social aspects of sustainable development and the continued ability of the planet to support life as we know it.
  • Produce highly skilled advocates who can successfully effect change and promote, facilitate and develop sustainable development policies and practices in their chosen career.
  • Equip students to encourage improvements in environmental quality and reduce the negative impacts from human activity.
  • Empower students to promote the regeneration, diversification and localisation of economies and the revitalisation of communities.


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