Land use

The Bulmer Foundation wants to make sustainable land use a defining feature of Herefordshire.


85% of Herefordshire’s 539,000 acres is dedicated to agriculture and therefore it is central to our economy, society and environment.  Farming in Herefordshire is affected by fluctuating incomes, high input costs and growing concern over the decline in soil fertility and soil erosion.  The Rivers Wye and Lugg are both special areas of conservation (SAC), whose status is threatened by high phosphate levels.


The Bulmer Foundation is proud to be a member of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) in Herefordshire.  CFE is a national initiative which encourages farmers and land managers to protect and enhance the natural environment, whilst still running productive and viable farming businesses. The Foundation shares CFE's priorities for the county, such as: safeguarding our soils as a major natural asset, improving water quality with particular emphasis on the need to reduce the phosphate levels in the Rivers Wye and Lugg, and supporting farming practices that enable the county's rich biodiversity to flourish.

As a member of the CFE, the Foundation seeks to further these objectives through:

  •  our pivotal role in the Nutrient Management Group, which is helping to implement measures that improve water quality
  • our contribution to the Wye Catchment Management Partnership
  • provision of links on behalf of CFE with other strategic networks in the county such as the Local Nature Partnership and the Sustainable Food Partnership.
  • active participation in the CFE Local Liaison Group

In the longer term the Foundation is working alongside Herefordshire CFE to develop indicators that will help to monitor sustainable agricultural methods that really matter for our locality, given our geography, weather & cropping patterns.  We will also assist with communications and disseminating best practice on CFE's behalf.


With more orchards in Herefordshire than any other county, orcharding is also a particular area of focus for us.  See our Related Projects listed to the left here to access information on our orchard related work streams.

We will continue to work with landowners, farmers and communities across the county to show the benefits that sustainable practices can have on the economy, society and biodiversity of our land.