Welcome to Herefordshire’s Sustainable Communities Directory.

It has been compiled by Ecohere –a 30 month European Leader funded community based project that was successfully concluded in October 2013.

Ecohere was a partnership project between the Bulmer Foundation, Herefordshire Council, Herefordshire New Leaf and Community First. It worked with committed communities across the county and supported them with sustainability advice; accessing resources and funding; and project development. The Directory is in response to what the communities considered to be important – easy access to relevant information and resources, examples of best practice and organisations that can support the development of their community led sustainability projects.

We would like thank all the communities we have had the pleasure to work with. We dedicate this to you and the many other committed groups, schools, parish councils that work with their local communities to improve the local environment, develop sustainability projects and ultimately make life better and more resilient for themselves, their neighbours and future generations.

The Directory is designed to be an easy to access ‘one stop shop’ for everything from education, energy to food and farming and waste.  For ease of use, we have tried to make the categories suitable to what the organisations and local groups offer but inevitably some may fit into more than one category. It is also in alphabetical order so we hope that this will enable you to find what suits you.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Steps towards a 21st Century Rural Herefordshire Community Poster  a colourful visual depiction of what a sustainable rural community may look like, with brief explanations of all the themes and local projects.  

The Directory will be available online and updated on a six monthly basis. Please note that although we take every care to ensure the information is accurate, we cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions, or any consequences arising from them. 

If you would like more information about the poster or would like your details included in the next edition, please contact info@Bulmerfoundation.org.uk