Health and Wellbeing

The Bulmer Foundation focuses on preventing illness, both mental and physical, in the county, as opposed to trying to treat the symptoms. 

Our health projects span alcohol awareness through Bottletop, healthy eating with the Fabulous Foods project, well-being through laughter workshops and community engagement projects through the Hinton Community centre. We firmly believe that nature can play an important role in well-being and illness prevention. 

Evidence from local, national and international sources indicate a number of social and environmental factors impact on our sense of wellbeing and health. The Bulmer Foundation has therefore adopted a community development approach to address health and social inequalities in our county. This involves working in partnership with individuals, communities, social enterprises, statutory agencies and other businesses.

We believe that improving people’s sense of well being has a positive correlation with their personal health. This can often be facilitated by encouraging a greater sense of connection and meaning. 
The Bulmer Foundation’s approach to Health and Wellbeing is underpinned by “Five Ways to Wellbeing” and a “community asset approach.”

The Bulmer Foundation’s health and wellbeing programme also incorporates:

  • Nurturing local leadership:  to catalyze local social change
  • Fostering Social Enterprise:  to embed business models that help address health and social inequalities whilst developing local economic capacity.
  • Catalysing innovation: working with individuals, businesses and statutory agencies to develop and effectively evaluate health and social care provision on a more sustainable basis.

Our activities to date include:

  • Laughter Workshops - the development and promotion of laughter, happiness and wellbeing in Herefordshire, through regular community and corporate Laughter workshops.  Click here for more information on the benefits of laughter and Herefordshire Laughter Clubs.
  • Working in partnership with Hinton Community Centre to develop a community garden to encourage “growing & eating local” as well as foster greater community cohesion.
  • Promoting the benefits of the natural environment to health and wellbeing, through nature based activities. The Foundation is an advocate for the development of care farming as one of the care pathways to maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Wye Grow Project: A community garden developed in partnership with Hinton Community Association and others.
  • Orchard Art - using orchards as a venue for artistic expression by children & adults with learning disabilities.