Food Production

Herefordshire is famous for its cattle, fruit and arable agriculture. We are lucky enough to have the natural capital (space, quality soil, rain and know-how) that means we could get a large proportion of our food from our local area. 

Food produced and consumed locally can support the local economy by returning a better margin for producers and will retain the financial benefit within the community. There are also health benefits associated with eating fresh and nutritious food that hasn’t been flown half way around the world.

The Bulmer Foundation is committed to promoting sustainable and local food production techniques to ensure that we look after our natural resources for the future, helping to build the market for locally produced goods and inspiring the next generation to cook fresh food and understand the health and environmental benefits of local, fresh produce.

As founder members of the multi-agency Herefordshire Food Partnership, the Bulmer Foundation has led the development of a Sustainable Food and Drink Strategy for Herefordshire, available to download here.

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