Programme Modules

Evaluation – An Introduction

This module provides you with an in depth introduction to the concept of evaluation in the context of the three pillars of sustainable development. In addition to gaining a thorough understanding of different
approaches, you will examine the need for robust evaluation to inform successful policy making, commissioning and procurement. You will be assessed through a review of a set piece of literature and an academic report comparing and contrasting evaluation methodologies.

Communicating Impacts

In this module you will research an evaluation topic of your choice and investigate different ways of communicating the outcomes and impacts of interventions and activities. You will demonstrate your skills through a series of assessments. You will design, present and defend an academic poster or web page. Working in a small group, you will organise and deliver a public event or webinar, presenting on an evaluation theme and reflecting on your experience during the module. The final assessment is to complete a reflective diary, critically analysing your personal, academic and professional development during your studies.

Evaluation in Practice

The Evaluation in Practice module will allow you to put your growing knowledge and experience into practice at the same time as making a real difference on behalf of an external organisation. You will work with a small team of colleagues to complete a live project evaluation of local, regional or national importance. You will then make a formal presentation to your tutors, your host and other professionals. This is a challenging module that will develop your leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and evaluation skills.

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